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Iamaprilshowerz about 1 hour ago

Wild Mushroom Ravioli

It is hard to sum up the words to describe my dinner at Saba. The best words I can use to describe my meal was HOME. HOME. Home like the memories of grandmother making grandfather supper after a long day of work. HOME like my grandmother going into the cupboard get her famous recipes hiding in the canister. HOME like Thanksgiving dinner and everyone bringing their famous dishes. That feeling of home and love is what is lacking from many of today's restaurants. I am a Jersey girl and for the past 15 years that I have lived in Georgia, I haven't been able to find that taste that brought back those memories. That was until I stumbled across this jewel. I had the wild Mushroon Ravioli. It was absolutely stellar. Everything tasted fresh and the sauces was soooooo creamy, but not extremely rich, which is a plus. My meal accompanied with the Sangria tasted like a party in my mouth. What a combination! The quaintness of the restaurant and sweetness of the staff just makes everything complete. I truly enjoyed everything. Thanks again, Saba.

Dejr74 about 1 month ago

Wild Mushroom Ravioli

It's so creamy an delicious! I loved it and the gnocchi pesto so much I had a friend bring me some to North Carolina! I still crave it. I will go out of my way to get some if I pass through Atlanta.

Gracenguyen98 2 months ago

Catering Fettucine Alfredo (V)*

I absolutely LOVED this dish! We had some leftover from a college event due to an overestimation of turnout and I took home a pan for myself. Woah. I finished that pan in less than 4 days. Mind you, I am only 5' tall and quite small!

Richard.J.Spiker 2 months ago

Meatballs & Marinara Spaghetti

Sauce, Pasta, Meatballs, Cheese - All Excellent! Highly Recommend.

Cmcrandell91 2 months ago


My boss brought me to Saba for lunch one day and I tried the lasagna. It was delicious and so nice to find a lasagna that didn't taste like it was just heated up in a microwave and full of artificial cheeses. Love the food and such a nice ambiance. Definitely recommend!

Whitney.J.Brown07 4 months ago

B(acon) P(rosciutto) A(rugula) T(omato) Sandwich

This is hands down my favorite sandwich in Atlanta. I regularly swing by for this delicious meal between classes at Emory. The Prosciutto is perfectly salty and the Arugula gives the sandwich a good punch. The mayo is what makes the sandwich! Saba also provides a great after-class relaxing space--especially when I've got a margarita in hand from their bar. Yum!

Qiqizhang250 13 days ago

GF Arugula Salad

Arugula salad was amazing, it had just the right mix of ingredients. The taste of the food seemed extremely balanced and fresh, and I enjoyed eating it greatly. Will definitely order again!

Samanthakodack about 2 months ago

Eggplant Ravioli**

My boyfriend and I recently moved to Buckhead from Long Island, NY. There, we were surrounded by hundreds of authentic Italian places. We were definitely spoiled. However, when we moved down here, a lot of the Italian restaurants and their pastas just weren't up to our 'NY standard' lol Then we found Saba. Not only did it exceed our expectations but they have the best pasta dishes we have ever had. Ever! We're there at least once a week and are always trying something new and it just gets better and better. We're always recommending it to our new friends and they say the same. Everyone loves Saba!!

Dawnfc2013 2 months ago

Saba Salad

I had the Saba Salad this time - truly delicious and a perfect summer lunch. I love Saba's and keep coming back for more, always bringing friends new and not to enjoy the food, service, ambience and all. So glad and grateful to have this gem of a delightful bistro in the neighborhood!

Dan.Moss 2 months ago

Bolognese Linguine

This is a great restaurant in a great location. If you are in the Emory/N Druid Hills area and love pasta this is the place to be! Just make sure you come with an empty stomach!

Dawnfc2013 2 months ago

Sandwich & Salad Lunch Combo

I had the sandwich (Italian Sausage on flat bread)/salad (Saba Salad) combo today - delicious and delightful! Honestly, I've been coming to Saba for years in the Village and have never been disappointed with my selection! Love the ambience, the service is great and it feels like home with great food and good friends. My daughter even held her rehearsal dinner here and it was absolutely fabulous!!


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